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Happy Moon’s Café & Restaurant, which has started giving service in Kadıkoy in 1999, has opened its second and third branches in Saskınbakkal in 2004 and Fenerbahce in 2006. The Brand, that has renewed its Saskınbakkal branch and moved its Fenerbahce branch to its new building the same year, continues to be the first address of joy  and flavour on Baghdad Street with its Saskınbakkal branch opened in 2013 and  Caddebostan branch in 2014.  

It has increased the number of its branches to 8 with Buyaka AVM, Galleria AVM and Izmit Arastapark branches,  opened in 2015. 

The most beautiful samples of Italian, Mexican and Texas kitchens are served with the secret sauces, which are only in the possession of it  Happy Moon’s Café & Restaurant Chiefs, that prepare its menus in accordance  with its customers’ demands and with a professional team by taking into the consideration of all kind of palatal delight.

Happy Moon’s Café & Restaurant, which has a very rich menu,  is a location , where you can start the day with a breakfast, in which a variety of delicious food, one is more beautiful than the other, is served between 09:00 – 14:00 hours. Happy Moon’s Café & Restaurant, which welcomes its guests by taking into the consideration every detail from A to Z , is an irreplaceable location of Asian Side with its exquisite  gardens, available  in all of its 8 branches. 

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