Happy Moon's Grup

About Us

The story of Happy Moon’s Group began 22 years ago. we became a Turkey-wide brand with 38 branches all around the country an also we opened our first branch abroad, in Baku.

At the age of 16, I started to work in a restaurant as a page and continued working respectively as a waiter, chef and manager. Each position provided me with valuable different experiences in the course of time. My dream, from day one, was to have a cafeteria of my own.

At the age of 24, I took the first step towards my dream, with the help of my experience in the sector. I conducted researches to find an appropriate place for about 2 years. In the end, while I was 26 year-old, I opened the first branch of 50 m², with a capital of 5,000 TL cash in my hand and the rest would have been paid in return to bill.

My most important priorities were to become the first venue to spring to mind of hungry guests, to make them happy showing them the respect they deserve, to ensure that they eat well and feel full up as they are to leave the restaurant, to guarantee customer satisfaction, and to create a venue where they want to come on every possible occasion and not a pass-by café.

Accordingly, I designed our strategy on the basis of generous portion, rapid and high quality service. Grounding on my past experience, I decided to provide everyone with deserved service for reasonable prices. To me, it was crucial to prove that these allegedly luxurious treats were accessible by everyone.

It did not take long for us to be acknowledged by our guests. In line with my initial dreams, then we started to have regular customers. We added second and third branches. Initially, we were so popular on Asian coast that our branches did not fit in Baghdad Avenue. Now, we became a Turkey-wide brand with 30 branches all around the country. We became a group brand, not contenting ourselves with a single brand and adding Bob's and İkon brands to the sector.

My journey, which began at the first branch 22 years ago, continues with a grand family of 2000 persons. Now, I dream of growing together with all my teammates and becoming an internationally recognized chain of restaurants. Regardless of the highness of my targets and dreams, my priority is always the satisfaction of our guests.

"You get anything for which you pay the price and you deserve"
Hüseyin Aymutlu, Founder of Happy Moon’s Group