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In addition to the delicacies we offer our customers in this journey we started with the motto of “Huge Plates, Huge Happiness”, we are now aiming to be the air next generations will breathe for a hopeful future with our sustainability project!

Within the framework of our sustainability project that was commissioned in 2019, we are using recycled materials for the consumable paper products we offer our customers.

This project enables us to have 6 million table mats, 7 million large service napkins, 6 million small napkins, and 5 million wet towels produced from certified, recycled waste paper annually.

Our recycling project enables us to use 180 TONS of recycled paper each year and SAVES 3100 TREES, helping us to leave better tomorrows for the next generations.

Paper materials produced from recycled materials instead of raw materials

decrease energy consumption by 30%-50%, air pollution by 79%-94%, water pollution by 35%, and water consumption by 45%.

    By recycling 1 ton of used paper contributes to the

  • Elimination of 12.400 m³ carbon dioxide, which is the airborne greenhouse gas,
  • Production of 12.400 m³ oxygen,
  • Protection of 17 full-grown trees, which supply the daily oxygen need of 34 people,
  • Saving of 32 m³ water, which is the amount of water used by three families in a month,
  • Saving of 1.750 liters fuel-oil, which is the amount of fuel-oil that can be used by two families to warm up in winter months,
  • Saving of 2,4 m³ waste storage area,
  • Saving of 4.100 KW/h electrical energy, which is consumed normally by 20 families in a month.
  • As Happy Moon’s, we provide 180 times this saving by using 180 tons of recycled paper each year and contribute to our environment.