Bob’s Kitchen is the new brand gifted to fast food sector by Happy Moon’s Group which is the 20 year-experienced brand of the refreshments sector.
In addition to being filling and affordable, Bob’s Kitchen, in its food courts,
enables the customers to reach all the tastes from the world cuisine such as starters, salads, burgers, main courses and desserts that its customers look for.

Bob’s Kitchen, while introducing tasters to options from the world cuisine, breaking the habit of the usual paper presentation,
has carried the quality of presentation to food courts with its own service with porcelain plates.

The first branch of Bob's Kitchen was opened in Istanbul Zorlu Shopping Center and the second branch was opened in Mall Of Istanbul.
It aims to grow by taking its place in the Food Court areas of many shopping malls very soon.
It is planned that the growth which is aşmed will be realised by both opening company branches and by giving franchises.